About the DVD:

The DVD is released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by BRONSON ENTERTAINMENT through KOCH MEDIA.
On the double DVD Box you can watch more than 3 hours of bonus material:
- the making of "Erstlingswerk" by Martin Tischner (45 min)
- 14 deleted scenes with an optional commentary of the director
- 6 interview featurettes
- the alternative ending
- 10 storyboarded scenes
- production notes
- a `behind the scenes´- gallery
- outtake


´happy end.´ has been shown on several Festivals all over the world:

- Fantasy Film Festival Germany
- Exo Filmfest Toronto
- Screamfest Los Angeles USA
- Cinenygma Festival Luxemburg
- Jugendmedienfestival Berlin
- International Independant Film Festival Brussels (Pize for the Best First Film)
- frightsnights Austria
- Pifan Festival Korea
- Sehsüchte Potsdam-Babelsberg
- Newport Beach Festival USA