the making of ´fliegen und fallen´

Originally ´fliegen und fallen` was meant te be an exercise for the filmclass. The task was to make a short film with only two people, in one room, without any dialogue.

After writing the script, Daniel Stieglitz and Thomas Förster were looking for an old apartment as the filming location. They finally found a place in Kassel which was so runned down and looked so cinematic, that they decided to make a short movie instead of an exercise.

As a better preparation, the two filmstudents, who had worked together on the feature film ´happy end´ before, decided to make a video-layout of the storyboards they had drawn. Together with the actors they filmed the movie shot by shot on location, but without lights, make-up or props on 2 days, before they really started the production. They edited the layout and had a first visualization of what they planned.

With abolutely no budget, but a few lights from the university, a wheelchair for the camera-movements and two actors from the acting school in Kassel, they started the production. Jörg Rohde, who plays Paul and Alexandra Desoi as Lisa, had classes until 5 pm every days, so they could only shoot in the evening and on weekends.

About 2 weeks, and a few long nights later they finished shooting and started the editing and the digital post production. In the end ´fliegen und fallen´ cost only about 50 Euro, but a lot of work and free time.